The Beginning

This blog is the beginning of a journey. Not just a journey for me and for you, but a journey for all of us. I am convinced now more than ever that it is time again for the children of God to learn what it means for us to be ministers of reconciliation – especially in a day and age where families, communities, neighborhoods, and churches are anything but reconciled. In their book, Reconciling All Things, Chris Rice and Emmanuel Katongole said “[Reconciliation] is God’s language to a broken world.” The Be Reconciled blog, and our growing tribe of reconcilers, will be a place for us to learn this language.

“[Reconciliation] is God’s language to a broken world.” – Rice and Katongole

It’s my desire for this blog to be a resource to you on your own reconciliation journey. God has uniquely placed you in a specific context with specific relationships, and I would venture to say that he is at work mending some thing in very own backyard. Perhaps literally. I want this blog to be a space that challenges you to get involved in your local community, to reach out across boundaries and borders, and to confront anything in yourself that keeps you from seeing and honoring the dignity of every person that you meet. I also want this blog to be a space for sharing our stories of reconciliation – be them stories of victory or defeat. It’s a journey.

So if anything I’ve written thus far moves you, join. Get involved. The Reconcilers Coalition (as we’re newly called) is a place for everyone. You can sign up for a our weekly prayer newsletter and get updates about our monthly prayer gatherings. Reconciliation is both relational and spiritual work, and we’re only as strong as we are connected.

Looking forward to this journey, friends.


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